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Why work with us?

P4TP supports organisational change and maximises the potential of a business by developing strong teams and by applying the learning to solve specific workplace issues

P4TP works locally, nationally and internationally to provide individually tailored team development to address specific workplace problems, challenges or situations
...delivering training / team development and tackling real business issues

P4TP exists to help organisations maximise their potential by developing their workforce, from the senior management team to operational units, project teams and all other employees.
....a company is nothing without its greatest asset: its people

P4TP produces more readily identifiable and measurable benefits to the employer, to the team and to individuals than traditional management training, team building and team bonding activities.
...effective team working is critical to the success of today’s businesses

P4TP provides team development with a focus on achieving specific goals back in the workplace, ensuring maximum benefit is achieved for the individual, for the team and for the business.
...training should be value-add to a business, not a cost.

P4TP looks at businesses holistically, balancing the four key business fundamentals of strategy, people, processes and systems, whilst also giving due consideration to the organisational context for any change.
...tackling just one area unbalances the organisation and often leads to problems and failure

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P4TP ... Passion for Team Performence ... Building teams that make a difference

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