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Faster, flexible and more responsive
Higher productivity, lower cost
Quality decision making
Improved creativity and innovation

Improved satisfaction and morale
Greater commitment to team and individuals
Skills growth
Enhanced confidence and contribution

Businesses need teams to produce results

Training has to blend theory, practice and relevance

Every situation is unique

Businesses are increasingly relying on teams to produce the results they need. The teams can be permanent, functional teams in a department, a senior management team or as is becoming more common, short-term, temporary, cross-functional teams brought together to address specific projects, tasks or challenges. Many companies have found that, just as with sports, it is not sufficient to have a few  “stars” in the team. For the group to really perform, they must work together. At the risk of using an over-used cliché, the whole should be greater than the sum of the parts

Merely understanding team roles, functions and objectives is not enough to ensure a team can really perform. We have to go beyond the theory, and look deeper into individuals’ skills, personality, strengths and weaknesses, helping them to understand themselves as well as their colleagues. And just as importantly as giving them powerful tools and developing a range of skills, they need the opportunity to practice – to experience the hard and the soft side, the emotions as well as the practical, organisational and management side. And they need to be able to translate this into real situations back in the workplace.

With it’s deep and thorough understanding of team dynamics and occupational psychology, combined with years of experience as successful senior managers, trainers and consultants, P4TP staff design programs to the unique demands of each client, maximising the benefits to the business, to the team and to the individuals in the organisation.

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