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Career progression prospects
Realising individual potential
Exploiting talents
Discovering new strengths

Greater job satisfaction and reduced stress
Enhanced skills, competence and confidence
Improved understanding of own strengths
Accelerated growth and learning

Skill-sets for working in teams have changed

Success in teams is a passport to career progression

Competence, confidence and contribution

The skill-sets required to manage, lead or contribute effectively to the different types of teams in today’s businesses has changed. Department teams, project teams, management teams, cross-functional teams, matrix organisations, customer service teams, international teams and even virtual teams – the list is constantly growing. Businesses rely more and more on teams - new or established, permanent or temporary - to beat the competition.

The key to success in these teams, as a manager, team leader, facilitator or participant becomes ever more critical, and can make the difference between enhanced job satisfaction or stress overload. Performing well can also provide the opportunity for career progression. Building a track record of successfully making teams deliver is often key to the next promotion.

P4TP helps create virtuous circles of performance: increased competence enhances confidence, which in turn leads to superior and more effective contributions. P4TP’s techniques encourage long term learning enabling continuous personal growth and development.

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