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Increased profits
Increased productivity
Greater innovation
Enhanced responsiveness and adaptability

Improved commitment and morale
Improved staff performance
Attract and retain the best staff
Valued as employer of choice

P4TP helps businesses improve performance
and adds significant value

Training is an investment, not an expense

Locking in learning by application

We equip your most important assets, your staff, with the tools, attitudes and skills to work more effectively in teams. We then lock in this learning by addressing specific workplace challenges, issues and problems.

Training is often viewed as an expensive but necessary cost, with little direct link to quantifiable benefits in the workplace. P4TP believes that if done properly, training should not be a cost, but should add value to a business. P4TP achieves this by tailoring the investment in training to the specific and unique needs of the business we take into account not just the participants (eg roles, skills and experience)  but also the organisational context (eg the nature of the business, the culture of the organisation, and specific business or project issues).

Integrating this into one, carefully designed package, not only provides a powerful mix of self-development and group learning, but uniquely, reinforces this learning with practical exercises in and out of the workplace. This enables the learning to be fully absorbed and applied back in the workplace. Planned follow-up sessions can further add value by ensuring that the desired individual, team and business benefits are fully realised.

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