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Set up by Directors Manny Coulon and Neil Middleton, P4TP is a comprehensive team development and change consultancy.

We work with functional teams, cross-functional teams and management teams, supporting the individuals, unlocking the true potential of the teams and delivering real value to the organisation.

We help build the capability for change within an organisation, addressing the necessary skills, roles, behaviours and attitudes. But we also reinforce the learning by helping implement the changes, supporting staff and monitoring progress - ensuring maximum value add, not just to the client, but also to the team and to the individual.

To ensure that change is not only  effective, but also sustainable, each engagement is carefully scoped in close cooperation with the client and typically addresses four key areas:
   - Policy
   - Process
   - People
   - Systems

Experience has found that very many change programmes fail to deliver, or even fail completely because only one or two of the above areas were considered. By ensuring a holistic, balanced approach that takes into consideration  all four areas, change programmes can be built on a much stronger footing, and consequently have a far greater probability of success.

P4TP ... Passion for Team Performence ... Building teams that make a difference

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